La Scena Musicale announces the 2nd Annual La Scena Musicale Canadian Classical Music Student Writing Contest

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La Scena Musicale announces the 2nd Annual La Scena Musicale Canadian Classical Music Student Writing Contest.

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Four prizes (two in English and two in French) will be awarded. The winning papers will be published in a future issue of La Scena Musicale. Furthermore, the best paper in each language will be awarded a cash prize of $250.00. The prize for the best English paper is courtesy of Naxos Canada. The prize for the best French paper is courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon, a Universal Music company.


* Eligibility: Entrants must be students registered during the 1999-2001 academic year. A proof of student status must be submitted. Students must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, or be registered at a Canadian school.
* Length of article: between 1000 and 2000 words.
* Subject: Any subject related to classical music will be accepted. Papers can be in the form of an interview, an article on music history etc. Articles based on a thesis will also be accepted.
* Criteria: The papers will be judged according to originality, content and writing style. Papers should be taylored to the audience of La Scena Musicale. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published elsewhere.
* Selection: The articles will be selected by a panel consisting of writers and specialists in classical music. The decision of the jury is final and not open to appeal. The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes.
* Copyrights: By entering the contest, entrants acknowledge that all winning papers will become the property of La Scena Musicale according to La Scena Musicale’s standard writer’s agreement.
* Submitted manuscripts will not be returned. They must be sent by mail or by email. Fax submissions will not be accepted.

Address: La Scena Musicale, 5409 Waverly, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, H2T 2X8
email: [email protected]

* Application: Entrants must submit one copy of their manuscript along with their name, address, phone, email, and their date of birth, a proof of student status, and a copy of this document signed.
* Deadline: the deadline has been extended to June 18, 2001. All papers must be postmarked by this date.


2000 Student Writing Contest Winners


La Scena Musicale Student Writing Contest Entry Form

Name: _____________________________

Address: ________________________________________________



Date of Birth: ____________________________________________

Name of School: __________________________________________

Student ID # ________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________ Fax: ________________________

Email: _______________________________________________

I have read the rules and accept all the conditions.

Signature: ______________________________________


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