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For classical music and jazz events in the Province of Quebec and the Ottawa-Gatineau region, La Scena Musicalestill offers free listings in our print magazine, which includes the event’s date, time, venue, price, phone number, and a 50-character description.

Please note that if your event is within the boundaries of our print calendar, you must submit your event in advance of the print deadline. For the Summer issue, which covers events from June 29 to September 6, the deadline has been scheduled for June 19 before 5pm. You can also consult our Advertising deadlines here ( Of course, you are able to upload your events to appear online at any time.

Procedure for the 2020 Summer issue:

  • We invite you to sign up for your free account starting today at (Note, due to a bug, please enter the email address first and then the Username, and DO NOT use the TAB key to move between fields).
  • If you are representing a company or ensemble, please create an account using the company profile option with the name as it is known to the public. This is important as we will be introducing company and ensemble-specific features in the near future.
  • To submit events, please visit after logging in. All submitted events are held for approval by LSM staff before it is published.
  • Event Location: Please make sure the event’s venue is not already in our database before creating a new venue. Simply type 3-5 letters of the venue’s name, wait a few seconds, and you’ll see the options in our database. If you submit an online event, please enter the name and postal address of the organization (i.e. not the address of the usual venue). Make sure that the link to your website is clearly indicated.
  • To view your events, visit
  • Multiple performance events: if your event has multiple performances, you can duplicate the event by clicking the “+” symbol in the list of events. Then you can change the date, the venue, and even artists.
  • Event categories: check off the categories that match your event
  • Event image: the system allows for a large image to make your event stand out on mySCENA. Don’t forget to upload an image.


We would appreciate any feedback you may have about mySCENA’s appearance, usability, and features. If you have any questions or concerns about the mySCENA Events Calendar, please contact me at the following address: [email protected].

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)