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CORONA Serenades by La Scena Musicale 

La Scena Musicale is proud to launch CORONA Serenades, a new global music service bringing cheer to those coping with COVID-19 isolation and provide support for musicians.

Based on our successful Singing Valentines service, which recently completed its 10th consecutive year, CORONA Serenades will marshal trained singers from around the world to provide free personalized video and audio serenades to those infected by the coronavirus and front-line healthcare workers. CORONA Serenades are also suitable for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions or just to reach out to friends and family.

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“We want to spread some joy in this time of uncertainty,” said Wah Keung Chan, founder of La Scena Musicale and the Singing Valentines. “There are many musicians and singers who are out of work and suffering,” added tenor Adrian Rodriguez, who developed the idea with Chan. “The donations will help relieve some of the burden while allowing them to put their talent to good use.” The initiative will also allow readers to support La Scena Musicale, which faces a substantial loss of advertising revenue owing to the pandemic.

So far, 14 singers from six countries have committed to offering five to 10 videos per day, over 900 per week. We invite more singers to join the movement.

How to Order

  • Visit or to see the list of singers and available song selections.
  • Fill out the order form/questionnaire. 
  • The video or call will be done by the requested singer; for free option, a singer will be assigned based upon the musical tastes of the recipient. Videos will be emailed to the client and the recipient. 


  • Donations requested
  • The service is free for recipients who are infected by the virus and for front-line health care workers but an optional donation link will be available
  • A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for all donations

CORONA Serenades Musicians Relief Fund

Donations to CORONA Serenades will go to the CORONA Serenades Musicians Relief Fund (60%) and La Scene Musicale (40%), a registered charity. The CSMRF will distribute gifts as follows:

  • 40% of a donation for a serenade will be given to the singer 
  • 20% of a donation will be added to the pool
  • At the end of every month, the pool will be distributed to participating singers in need

More about CORONA Serenades

  • personalized video for the recipient
  • trained singers
  • full arias or songs sung a cappella or self accompanied (2 – 5 mins)
  • styles from opera, art song, broadway, jazz to pop
  • free for front-line health workers or those who have tested positive for the coronavirus
  • great for birthdays and other special occasions or just to reach out to friends and family.
  • weekly compilation CORONA Serenades Concert will be made public
  • based on our successful Singing Valentines service
  • donations help support out-of-work artists and La Scena Musicale, a registered charity

How to be a CORONA Serenades Singer

Please send a CV to [email protected]. Participating singers can opt to donate their share of donations to the pool. 

The following are required: 

  • A photo (minimum 700 x 350 pixels)
  • List of available repertoire (solo or self-accompanied)
  • Smartphone with video capability
  • Internet to upload your video to our server
  • Link to a video or audio sample
  • Optional: link to your website and social media 
  • Time to make five to 10 video serenades a day
  • A PayPal account
  • For promotional purposes, it is suggested that participating singers make and share a short video on their social media platform of preference (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) explaining the initiative and providing the website address ( And perhaps also offering a little “teaser”!

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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