All We Are Saying: Art of Time Ensemble & Rolston String Quartet


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Date(s) - 04/02/2020

Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts



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    Art of Time Ensemble, Rolston String Quartet

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    The power of music to galvanize a movement and inspire resistance is highlighted in this program of music that reaches across genre, historical context, and message. The classical and folk program features George Crumb’s Black Angels for string quartet performed by the Rolston String Quartet, First Prize winners of the Banff International String Quartet Competition, and backed by a live film mix. The program also includes music by Frederic Rzewski, John Prine, Bob Dylan, and Dmitri Shostakovich.


    Frederic Rzewski (b.1938)

    Excerpts from The People United Will Never Be Defeated – Theme

    Andrew Burashko, Piano

    Jay Gorney (1896-1990)   & Yip Harburg (1896-1981)

     Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?  Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson

    John Prine(b. 1946) Sam Stone Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson

    Pete Seeger(1919-2014)   Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson

    Bob Dylan (b. 1941)   Masters of War  Andy Maize, Josh Finlayson


    Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)

    Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 67

    iii. Largo

    iv. Allegretto

    Andrew Burashko, Luri Lee & Jonathan Lo

    George Crumb (b.1929)

     Black Angels Rolston String Quartet

    Lester Alfonso – live film mix

    This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: English (Anglais)


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