Video Interview | Teachers, Students Protest Closure of McGill Conservatory of Music

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The McGill Conservatory of Music has been offering music education to Montreal community members of all ages since 1904. Following the announcement that the institution would be closing after summer 2022, McGill faculty protested outside the Strathcona Music Building on June 28.

See below for an exclusive video interview with protestors:

Conservatory of Music instructor Cristina Hauser had more to say after the protest:

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One aspect should not be forgotten or underestimated: it is NOT ONLY about the music education enriching the life of these people, children and adults coming to our Conservatory Program. Studies have shown the huge impact in the Brain Development of the child and or slowing the aging process of the brain after a certain age, by “learning an instrument”.
It has been proven by our many years of teaching experience (an incommensurable value that also cannot be neglected!), that children taking piano, violin (or any music instrument) lessons, have better results in school in mathematics-for example.

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