Cinars Intends to Maintain its Biennale 2020 this November to Ensure a Proper International Recovery in 2021-2022


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Montréal, May 12 2020 — CINARS, the Montreal-based organization, which every two years, organizes one of the most important international performing arts showcases in the world, intends to deploy all its logistical and creative means in order to ensure that CINARS’ 19th Biennale takes place this November.

This was the announcement made by its president and founder, Alain Paré, who stated that with COVID-19, show presentation in the performing arts is treading in uncertain territory worldwide, as it is facing an unprecedented crisis.

“The world has stopped turning for the performing arts industry. We wish to ensure that the relationships between professionals in international networks will be maintained. The CINARS Biennale, regardless of what shape it may take this fall, must be able to play its recognized role as a meeting hub for the main players in the industry. We wish to avoid postponing it, which could become catastrophic in certain cases. We also wish to reinvigorate in the best possible manner, the effective recovery of performing arts international show presentation” expressed Alain Paré.

 Survey and webinar with the minister Steven Guilbeault

A survey among performing arts professionals around the world conducted by CINARS last April revealed that 60.8% of the respondents from 45 countries expected a return to normal circumstances before summer 2021. Four out of ten people polled said that they were interested in attending the Biennale in Montreal this year. For the complete result of the survey, in which 844 respondents participated, click here.

At the end of April, at the Ministry Of Canadian Heritage’s behest, CINARS coordinated a well-attended webinar between the Honourable Steven Guilbeault and some 500 local performing arts professionals who shared their common concerns, reiterating the importance of the international aspects of their activities.

“The future of Canadian and Quebec artistic companies, as well as their very survival, rests to a large extent on international touring,” maintains Alain Paré. “The CINARS Biennale 2020 is necessary, now more than ever, if we wish to avoid any delays in the recovery of their activities, which should be taking place as of 2021-2022. The challenge is considerable, but it is an important one. We wish to play our part by respecting the circumstances and the new safety protocols in place with this edition of the event in 2020.”

Please note that the mission of CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is to showcase new works to show presenters from around the world, a year or two before their programming cycle. Indeed, during the 2018 Biennale, close to 2000 professionals hailing from 54 different countries, were able to attend more than 240 performances of 163 shows, presented by 130 companies from the four corners of the earth. The economic impact of the event was in the order of $15 million. Over the years, the Biennale has been the springboard for international tours for companies such as le Cirque du soleil, le Cirque Éloize, La La Human Steps, Robert Lepage, Compagnie Marie Chouinard and I Musici, to name a few.


CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) was founded in 1984. It was sparked by a desire to innovate, ignited by a few visionary artists who had the audacity to focus on broader audiences and territories. Ever since, the goal of CINARS has been to create an international networking hub, in order to showcase the talent and originality of Quebec and Canadian artists, for the purpose of developing international tours. The non-profit organisation therefore created, with its CINARS Biennale, the first multi-disciplinary performing arts market in the world. It is indeed a flagship event in the international cultural landscape, and CINARS has set the standard worldwide in providing a platform for encouraging international exchanges in the performing arts.

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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