Sorel-Tracy: a double anniversary

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The next few months are very busy for the Maison de la musique in Sorel-Tracy. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, there will be five major concerts and, in total, nine performances from April 10 to June 4, including the complete Rachmaninoff works for piano on April 22 and 23, and a concert dedicated to Tárrega’s guitar pieces on May 1. In addition, there’s the 20th annual classical music provincial competition, which Rachel Doyon, artistic and general director, established in 2003 while she was director of Sorel-Tracy’s Chamber of Commerce.

From the oldest to the youngest

Oliver Jones, Michel Donato, André Gagnon and Alain Lefèvre were here,” she said. “Among the oldest generation, there were artists such as Danielle Oddera—that was one of the most wonderful evenings we’ve had. And also, Karen Young.” Doyon hosted Stéphane Tétreault and Marie-Ève Poupart, with whom she became fast friends. As well, the Maison de la musique had the chance to witness the first successes of Romain Pollet, Vincent Lauzer, Charles Richard-Hamelin and, of course, Bruce Liu, winner of the competition at age 11. For many of these artists, Sorel-Tracy represents a safe haven where they can introduce their repertoire in front of the public before leaping to the major competitions. Such was the case for Liu, the brilliant pianist born in Paris to parents from Beijing and raised in Montreal.

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Competition 2022

Bruce Liu himself will be the ambassador-laureate for the competition’s 20th year, April 30 to May 29. Every morning of the competition’s last days (piano category) he will send the candidates short videos of support. The audience can enjoy a webcast in the comfort of their homes for the second year in a row. “Last year, we saw more activity online than in person, given the mandated closure of the venues. It was awesome since the public came from all parts of the globe. The technology allowed families and friends of the artists who were international students to follow them in real time,” Doyon explained.

In addition to the Bourse d’initiative en entrepreneuriat collectif (BIEC) [initiative in co-operative entrepreneurship grant], Rachel Doyon also received financial support from many partners, including Desjardins, to acquire camera equipment and set up a control room. “These are extra costs, but at the same time we fulfil our commitments,” she said. “There were so few occasions for the artists to perform, so they were very happy to at least be able to come here.” She hopes soon to be able to vary the audiovisual experience, particularly with interviews of composers as happened in the past with the host and musicologist Georges Nicholson as part of the Maison de la musique’s activities.

Translation by Karine Poznanski

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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