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China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) proudly presents the Canada tour of the music and dance production My Dream by the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT). Created in 2000, this splendid production is of variety – covering both Chinese traditional and western music in the form of vocal and instrumental programs; including Chinese folk dance, ballet, Latin dance and modern dance, as well as condensed pieces of Peking Opera, dance drama and musical. In addition, such new art forms as the dance by the hearing impaired persons and dance in sign language contribute to the uniqueness of this production. Since its premiere, the production has tour in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

[PROLOGUE] Ballet Poem in Sign Language “My Dream”
Sign Language by: JIANG Xintian (Hearing Impaired)
Ballet by: WEI Jingyang and other 9 dancers (Hearing Impaired)

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01. Group Dance “The Other Shore”
Performed by: LIU Qing and other 8 dancers (Hearing Impaired)

02. Song “The Paradise”
Performed by: LIU Tao (Visually Impaired)

03. Latin Dance “Dancing & Listening”
Performed by: ZHU Yue, LIANG Yuangang and other Hearing Impaired Dancers

04. Violin Solo “Csárdás”
Performed by: ZHANG Zheyuan (Visually Impaired)

05. Song “I Want to Fly”
Song by: ZHU Li (Visually Impaired)
Dance by: CHEN Jing and other Hearing Impaired Dancers

06. Instrumental Playing “Local Traditions and Customs”
Piano by: JIANG Can (Visually Impaired)
Jinghu by: WANG Bin (Visually Impaired)
Drum & Banhu by: LIU Tao (Visually Impaired)
Erhu by: ZHU Li and YU Yu (Visually Impaired)
Flute by: TAN Weihai (Visually Impaired)
Zheng by: TANG Yu (Visually Impaired)
Yangqin by: HOU Jinsong (Visually Impaired)
Percussion by: ZHANG Zheyuan (Visually Impaired)

07. Peking Opera “At the Crossroad”
Performed by: MA Guosang, WEI Tong and WANG Kexin (Hearing Impaired)
Drum by: ZHAN Yechen (Visually Impaired)
Gong by: WANG Bin and YU Yu (Visually Impaired)
Cymbal by: LIU Tao (Visually Impaired)

08. Dance Solo “Peacock Dance”
Performed by: WEI Jingyang (Hearing Impaired)

09. Song “Amazing Grace”
Performed by: JIANG Can (Visually Impaired)

10. Group Dance “Never Stopped Dancing”
Performed by: Hearing Impaired Dancers

11. Piano Solo “Fantaisie-Impromptu”
Performed by: JIN Yuanhui (Visually Impaired)

12. Group Dance “Thousand-hand Bodhisattva”
Performed by: LIU Yidan and other 20 Dancers (Hearing Impaired)

The Program is subject to change.

The Company
China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe
In 1987, about 30 disabled persons who loved arts founded the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT). There are 110 disabled performers and 37 staff members in CDPPAT. The average age of disabled performers is 20 and that of the staff members 29. With a philosophy based on self-respect, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance, as well as mutual respect, mutual care, mutual aid and mutual complementarities, they create programs, train performers, and implement publicity and marketing by themselves.
The troupe has visited over 100 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, crossing the boundary of language, culture and nations, and bringing audiences the joy of art, enlightenment of heart and interaction of emotion. It held many charity activities and non-profit shows, and set up MY DREAM Fund and donated for financially supporting charity projects both at home and abroad.
CDPPAT was referred to as “Image Ambassador for 600 million people with disabilities in the world” and “Torch Bearer for SPEICAL ART” by the Disabled People’s World Assembly and was designated as “UNESCO Artist for Peace”. Now CDPPAT has become the internationally acclaimed performing art troupe, and the production My Dream, especially its outstanding program Thousand-hand Bodhisattva, has become the world famous cultural brand.

2004, Closing Ceremony for the Athens Paralympic Games
2006, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit
2007, Doha International Culture Festival
2008, Opening and Closing Ceremony for the Beijing Paralympic Games
2010, International VSA Festival at the Kennedy Center in U.S.A
2014, Cultural Performance for APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing
2016, Opening Ceremony at the Luxor Temple for the “China-Egypt Cultural Year”

Acknowledgements and Credits
China Arts and Entertainment Group
With Approval of China’s State Council, China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) was set up in April 2004 on the foundations of China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) and China International Exhibition Agency (CIEA), both formerly under China’s Ministry of Culture. As China’s first large-scale state-owned business group engaged in arts and entertainment, CAEG has the State Council as investor, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as administrative supervisor, and the Ministry of Finance as state-assets supervisor.
As a company specialized in the business of international performances, art exhibitions, cultural tourism and theater management, CAEG has built a national network covering the whole arts industry, and become more and more influential both in and out of China. In recent years, CAEG has been awarded numerous honors, including “Eminent Group for Beijing’s Olympics and Paralympics Games”, “Eminent Group in Structural Reform of the Cultural Sector”, “Eminent Group for Cultural Products Export”, “Eminent Group in Cultural Industry” and “Major Enterprise in Cultural Export”. It has been listed among the “Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises” for eight consecutive years from 2009 to 2016.
As China’s only central SOE in the cultural industry with global performing art and exhibition businesses, CAEG presents more than 4,000 events every year in more than 200 cities abroad, attracting more than 10 million audiences, playing a significant role in China’s external cultural relations. In response to the national initiative of “The Belt and Road”, CAEG founded the Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT) in October 2016. SRILT has now grown into an alliance of 87 large theatres and art organizations from 33 countries and regions around the world and a platform devoted to international communication and cooperation.
CAEG has established a marketing network covering all major markets in China. The company’s CPAA Theatres now has over 70 member theatres including more than 10 directly-managed theatres across27 provinces and municipalities, such as Guangzhou Opera House, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Shanghai Daning Theatre and Shandong Grand Theatre. Another subsidiary of CAEG, China Cultural International Tours Inc (CCITI) has explored new businesses in meeting and exhibition organization, art training, festival organization and town cultural tourism planning. In addition, the group has produced or co-produced shows including multi-media acrobatic extravaganza ERA-Intersection of Time, Shaolin Warriors, China Goes Pop, opera Marcopolo, Chinese versions of the musicals Mama Mia and Cats and other stage performances, which have received nationwide and international attention.
For years, CAEG has successfully undertaken and organized the “Meet in Beijing” Arts Festival, China International Chorus Festival, China International Youth Arts Festival, Asia Arts Festival, the“Image China” performance series, the “Happy Chinese New Year” events, the exhibition at China’s pavilion for “La Biennale di Venezia”, China Art Industry Expo, Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo and other large festivals, performances and exhibitions. CAEG was also commissioned to conduct the opening and closing ceremonies of the 27th South East Asia Games (2013), the cultural performance for APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (2014), the closing ceremony for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the “Year of China in South Africa” (2015), the opening ceremony at the Luxor Temple for the “China-Egypt Cultural Year” (2016), the China-Latin America and Caribbean Year of Culture Exchange (2016), the BRICS Cultural Festival (2017) and other high profile events.


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