CD Review – 1747 : C.P.E. Bach

1747 : C.P.E. Bach
Infusion Baroque, Sonates en trio Wq.145 à 148 et Wq. 150, Leaf Music, 63 min 48 s

In 1747, J.S. Bach traveled to Berlin to visit his son Carl Philipp Emanuel. There he composed The Musical Offering, at the heart of which is a trio sonata. This may have inspired C.P.E. In the same year, he reworked several trio sonatas he had written at 17 in collaboration with his father. He offered a modern version, halfway between baroque aesthetics and the new galant style. The Montreal ensemble Infusion Baroque made a wise choice by selecting this seductive repertoire, still largely unknown and not very well represented on disc (we have to go back to 2003 to find a complete survey of these trio sonatas on the CPO label). Balanced recorded sound allows the listener to enjoy details of the flexible and elegant dialogue between the violin, baroque flute and cello, accompanied by the harpsichord. The four musicians have obviously developed a great musical companionship which allows them to capture our attention effortlessly. We wish them a successful career! PG

Translated by Viviane Reid


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