The Montreal Chamber Music Festival mourns the loss of Davis Joachim


It is with profound sadness that I share with you the news of the untimely death of Davis Joachim.

Davis was a personal friend for over 60 years and was a stalwart supporter and believer in the Montreal Chamber Music Festival. He was the Festival’s administrative director for 3 years during which time he was of invaluable assistance in shepherding our organization to ever increasing levels of renown and excellence at every level.

There was not one Festival gala in which he did not contribute behind the scenes, encouraging a circle of friends to donate important auction items and join him in his support for the Festival. His particular love of art and scotch brought us many a tableau and vintage bottles to enhance the success of our silent auction some of which he enthusiastically bought and drank with great gusto!

Davis was the son of my first chamber music teacher, Otto Joachim, the nephew of my cello teacher, Walter Joachim, and the whole Joachim clan were personal friends of my parents, Otto and Walter having been members of the McGill Chamber Orchestra during its heyday. Davis was as close a friend as I have ever had. We shared a similar heritage and appreciation for the lighter side of our ethnic German/Jewish backgrounds. There was no greater kibitzer than Davis and his no nonsense let’s get it done approach to everything overcame all obstacles but for the ultimate one he faced this past Tuesday.

In Davis we have lost a descendant of an old world tradition, a man of sophistication, depth, humour and gentility, a unique person celebrated, respected and loved by all who knew him. Davis lives on in the memories of all who knew and cherished him. His loss leaves a huge hole in our collective lives but none greater than in the hearts of Julie and me.

– Denis Brott


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