Performance venues to reopen in the red zone

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MARCH 16 – Premier François Legault announced today that performance venues will be able to open across Quebec as of March 26. The nightly curfew will be advanced from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., allowing for evening concerts and making it possible for spectators to be home in time. 

According to a statement by the Conseil Québécois de la Musique, theaters in the red zone will join the those in the orange zone in welcoming the public while observing the same sanitary measures. The maximum audience size is 250, each respecting a distance of 1.5 metres. This distance is calculated from head to head. In rooms where the seats are fixed, the distance is calculated at 180 degrees. It is not necessary to leave a row free in front or behind as long as the diagonal distance is respected. 

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Wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the performance and spectators must remain silent. Seats must be assigned and spectators must avoid moving. Seats can be moveable, provided that spectators respect the configuration of the room and observe social distancing. For rooms with floor seating, the distance of 1.5 metres is calculated in both directions, at 360 degrees. Health measures as described in the CNESST guide continue to apply to musicians and stagehands.

Rules for the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec have been adapted to give producers an adjustment period of up to four weeks after the opening date established by the government decree. Producers who have the capacity to open quickly will be able to do so, while those who need more time will be able to follow their schedules without being penalized.

The current CALQ regimen ends on March 31. However, the CQM is optimistic that the rule will be renewed in order to compensate for ticket office losses after March 31. We will have to wait for the provincial budget to be announced on March 25 to find out what funds are allocated to the CALQ and what additional funds may be granted for the renewal of artistic activities. 

Alternative music bars in the Red Zone remain closed. Performances in the Orange Zone are allowed if alcohol is not served…

School trips 

School trips for class bubbles may resume on March 26. Details are to come as to the possibilities of accommodating class bubbles from different schools for the same performance. 

Promotion of the performing arts 

The Groupe de travail sur la fréquentation des arts de la scène (GTFAS), which since 2014 has brought together a dozen organizations working in the performing arts sector, including the CQM, welcomes the announcement by Culture and Communications Minister Nathalie Roy of a grant of $1.16 million to set up a comprehensive campaign to promote the performing arts. Led by the Association professionnelle des diffuseurs de spectacles – RIDEAU, the project aims to rebuild public confidence in arts performances. It will take the form of a broad multi-platform campaign. 

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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