Loose TEA Music | Theatre Presents ‘Dissociative Me’

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(Toronto, ON) – Loose TEA Music | Theatre today announced its next production Dissociative Me. This production will be presented August 18, 2015 at 8:00 PM and August 20 and 22 at 7:30 PM at RED Nightclub 135 Liberty Street, Toronto.

Dissociative Me is an inventive new opera based on Gounod’s Faust, with English dialogue and libretto. In this interpretation of the Faustian pact, John Faustus is a recent graduate with a PhD in Physics. Regarded as brilliant, yet introverted and shy, John has the ability to absolutely focus his mind on solving complex problems due to his ability to dissociate from daily life. While helpful during his studies and research his dissociative ability is actually an artifact of a dissociative identity disorder that has affected John since early childhood.

When John realizes that his life is at a standstill, that he cannot start his career and achieve any of the things that other people have, he decides to end his life. However, just before he commits suicide he is saved by promises that he will be able to achieve all he desires if he only made a “deal”, although, the deal does involve a price!

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Alaina Viau, artistic director of Loose TEA | Music Theatre states “I am very excited about this show because I was able to update and reimagine the story into modern day English with 21st century situations. Faust is a recent PhD grad who is not only dealing with post-education unemployment and heavy debt, but also has to deal with his inner, split personality disorder, demons. I found that the story had a natural cinematic physiological thriller aspect that became the aesthetic of the show. It’s going to be a very different type of opera experience.

Presenting this production at RED Nightclub enabled me to create a dark and intense world where we can explore common fears of today. The other aspect about this venue is that we are able to offer sofa seating and bottle service so you can feel comfortable, sit back and enjoy the show!”

Loose TEA Music | Theatre is proud to present this inventive reworking of a classic.  However, we not only desire to create new opera but also a new opera going experience. With this in mind we are offering a unique audience experience that includes couch seating, beverage service before, after and during the show. We encourage our guests to sit back, enjoy a beverage, turn on their phone, and talk to their neighbors all while enjoying some amazing music.

Tickets for Dissociative Me are now available and are:
$30 for General Admission
$110 per couch in front row (limited number available).
$100 per couch in rows 2 and 3 (limited number available).

Each couch can comfortably seat 3 people or 4 very close friends.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite
or at

About Loose TEA | Music Theatre: Loose Tea, founded in 2013, is a Toronto based, not for profit indie Opera Company dedicated to creating socially relevant, accessible and entertaining works based on the classics. Loose TEA strives to provide a new opera going experience to a new younger, urban audience by creating a relaxed, fun, social live music experience.

Loose TEA Music | Theatre is Not Your Gradfather’s Opera – run by a group of arts innovators, Loose TEA offers Torontonians a bold new live music experience. We mash up Classical and turn opera on its head.


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