Anne-Sophie Mutter has the coronavirus

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Anne-Sophie Mutter, 56, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The German violinist posted a video message on Facebook from her office at home, presumably in Munich, where her foundation is based.

“It’s such a difficult situation for an artist not to be able to communicate with you, the listener,” Mutter says. “But better times will come.”

The message includes a statement of solidarity with others afflicted with COVID-19. Mutter takes heart from the fact that she is a non-smoker and suggests that smokers should kick the habit.

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A video-conference performance of the Adagio ma non troppo from Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 74 (“The Harp”) with three principals from the London Philharmonic shows Mutter — who has self-quarantined — playing the first-violin part with a mask.


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