Prizewinners Geneva Composition 2019!


The Jury jointly awarded First Prize of the Composition Competition to Ms. Hinako Takagi (30 years old, Japan) for her work “L’Instant” and Mr. Daniel Arango-Prada (32 years old, Colombia) for his piece “Dune”. Third Prize went to 33-year-old Korean Hyeon Joon Sohn for his composition “The Living Reed”.

Several Special Prizes were also awarded: Audience Prize and Young Audience Prize were attributed to Daniel Arango-Prada. Students’ Prize went to Hinako Takagi. Nicati-de Luze Special Prize was attributed to Hyeon Joon Sohn and consists in a commissioned piece to be performed during two concerts.

The Final Round of the 74th Geneva International Music Competition took place on Friday 8 November. The finalists’ works for oboe & ensemble were performed as world premiere soloists Matthias Arter, Philippe Grauvogel and Ernest Rombout with the Lemanic Modern Ensemble, conducted by Pierre Bleuse.

La Scena Musicale - Coffret Découverte

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