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Montreal, July 6, 2022 – Today, the Artists’ Foundation, a non-profit organization established over 35 years ago to provide one-time financial assistance to Quebec artists who are going through a difficult period, is announcing the official launch of a new direct financial support fund for performing arts workers throughout the province. As part of his commitment to support the recovery of the arts and culture industry, in particular the performing arts sector, which has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, the Government of Canada has granted $10,655,000 to the Artists’ Foundation through the Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund (CPAWRF) of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Thanks to this significant funding, the Foundation will provide one-time financial assistance of $2,500 to support eligible independent and self-employed workers. The eligibility criteria and application form for this Fund, effective until March 31st, 2023, are available at FRTSSSC.CA/en.

Self-employed professional artists and cultural workers in the live performance sector, who are tax residents of Quebec and who face financial difficulties due to lack of or loss of work as a result of the pandemic, are invited to apply for support, including actors, street performers, writers for the stage, singers, circus performers, song composers, composers for the stage, set, lighting, and costume designers, dancers, comedians, magicians, directors, musicians, touring personnel, stage technicians, and support staff.

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“We are pleased to have been chosen as the only organization in Quebec to provide direct financial aid for basic needs such as housing, groceries, and health care. These funds will be distributed throughout Quebec,” states Michel Laperrière, the President of the Artists’ Foundation.

“Distributing this major fund is an important step for the Artists’ Foundation and our Canadian culture. This recognition by the Government of Canada will enable the Foundation to create an environment that is favourable to the creation and promotion of arts and culture. We are pleased to have the support of Canadian Heritage,” adds Michel Laperrière.

“The Artists’ Foundation welcomes this act of solidarity from the Government of Canada and sincerely thanks the Honourable Pablo Rodríguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, for supporting professional artists and cultural workers. The implementation of tangible solutions made possible by this fund for independent and self-employed artists and workers in the performing arts will certainly enhance their economic, professional, and personal conditions,” specifies Hélène Côté, the Executive Director of the Artists’ Foundation.

A well-prepared large-scale project

The Foundation made a point of mentioning that this fund, which has been under development for several months, will be offered as efficiently as the other funds it administers. The Foundation tailors its offer and processes to professional artists’ realities (including multidisciplinary environments, intermittent income, atypical working hours, and contract mobility). Support funds are presented with great care and full detail.

To view the eligibility criteria and the procedure for applying for support to the Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund (CPAWRF), please visit

Professional artists who do not qualify for financial support from the CPAWRF are encouraged to review the other support funds administered by the Artists’ Foundation.

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For more information on the Government of Canada’s temporary funding program: Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund.

About the Artists’ Foundation

The Artists’ Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides one-time financial assistance to Quebec artists going through a difficult period. It provides support to all professional artists and artisans. The Foundation’s support, which generally takes the form of financial assistance, helps artists meet their basic needs, such as housing, groceries, and health care.

In the past year alone, the Foundation awarded nearly 3,000 grants to artists, artisans, and cultural workers working in more than 40 fields of artistic practice.

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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