Canadian Kevin Chen is among the 40 pianists selected for the 76th Geneva Competition

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40 pianists aged 16 to 29 years old from 14 countries have been selected, from 182 applicants, to take part in the 76th Concours de Genève, section piano.

Pianists born after September 1st, 1992, had until 15 March to register for the 76th Concours de Genève; 182 candidates aged 16 to 29 years old from 28 nationalities (76 women and 106 men) applied for this year’s Piano Competition. Applicants included a large percentage of Asian countries (59%), followed by Europe (26%) and America (9%).

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The Preselection Jury, chaired by Canadian pianist Janina Fialkowska, met in Geneva from 5-8 April 2022 for the Preliminary Round, during which the 182 candidates’ videos recordings were projected on a large screen at the Théâtre du Salon. The Jury has just released the list of selected candidates: 40 pianists aged 16 to 29 years old from 14 countries (14 women & 26 men) have been chosen to take part in the 76th Concours de Genève.


  • Mr Jae Sung Bae, 22 years old, Korea
    Mr Sergey Belyavsky, 28 years old, Russia
    Mr Robert Bily, 24 years old, Czech Republic
    Mme Eka Bokuchava, 29 years old, Georgia
    Mr Melvil Chapoutot, 25 years old, France
    Mr Kevin Chen, 17 years old, Canada
    Mr Kyubin Chung, 24 years old, Korea
    Mr Federico Gad Crema, 23 years old, Italy
    Mme Aurore Grosclaude, 23 years old, Switzerland
    Mme Anna Han, 26 years old, United States
    Mme Kaoruko Igarashi, 27 years old, Japan
    Mr Sebastian Iivonen, 24 years old, Sweden
    Mr Yunkeon Ji, 20 years old, Korea
    Mr Martin Jollet, 25 years old France
    Mr Young Hwan Jung, 28 years old, Korea
    Mr Chanyeon Jung, 20 years old, Korea
    Mme Hyelee Kang, 27 years old, Korea
    Mme Mari Kawakami, 28 years old, Japan
    Mr DongKyu Leo Kim, 28 years old, Korea
    Mr Seongju Kim, 26 years old, Korea
    Mr Maximilian Kromer, 26 years old, Austria
    Mr Ziyu Liu, 23 years old, China
    Mr Yuanhan Lu, 17 years old, China
    Mr Yupeng Mei, 27 years old, China
    Mme Yeram Park, 25 years old, Korea
    Mr Antoine Preat, 24 years old, France
    Mr Motohiro Sato, 28 years old, Japan
    Mme Boyang Shi, 29 years old, China
    Mme Hyojin Shin, 25 years old, Korea
    Mme Miyu Shindo, 19 years old, Japan
    Mr Youl Sun, 21 years old, Korea
    Mme ShihYu Tang, 26 years old, Taiwan
    Mr Yiheng Wang, 25 years old, China
    Mr Zijian Wei, 23 years old, China
    Mme Yun Wei, 27 years old, China
    Mr Yonggi Woo, 27 years old, Korea
    Mme Adria Ye, 24 years old, United States
    Mr Sung Ho Yoo, 25 years old, Korea
    Mme Akane Yoshida, 28 years old, Japan
    Mr Vsevolod Zavidov, 16 years old, Russia

Following the success of the “hybrid” formula, presented for the first time in 2021, the first part of the competition will once again be held online. The forty selected pianists will have until 13 July to submit their videos for the Online Recital, which will be live streamed from 12-18 September. The eight candidates selected after this first official round will be invited to pursue the competition from October 22nd in Geneva, Switzerland.

The public Semi-Final Round will be held from 24-30 October and will take place in three stages: a solo recital (60-75 minutes), followed by a chamber music performance (30-40 minutes), and finally, each semi-finalist will have to present and defend a personal artistic project, which the Concours de Genève will then contribute towards realizing as part of the prizewinners’ career development programme. A new feature of the 2022 edition, this third stage seeks to provide further insight into the young pianists’ artistic personality.

The Piano Final, major event attracting a large audience of music lovers, will be held at prestigious Victoria Hall on November 3rd with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, conducted by Maržena Diakun, and will be followed by the prize-giving ceremony.

All competition rounds are livestreamed on our website & social media platforms, as well as on The Finals are also broadcast live on the RTS – Espace 2.

Janina Fialkowska, Chair (Canada), Florent Boffard (France), Josu de Solaun (Spain / USA), Till Fellner (Austria), Momo Kodama (Japan), Marianna Shirinyan (Armenia / Denmark), Gilles Vonsattel (Switzerland / USA).

Janina Fialkowska (Chair, Canada), Momo Kodama (Japan), Jan Schultsz (Netherlands), Louis Schwizgebel (Switzerland), Pierre Sublet (Switzerland).


15 March: Application deadline
5-8 April: Preliminary Round (video selection)
12-18 Sept: Online Recital broadcast
24-30 October: Semi-Final Round (Geneva)
3 November: Final Round with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (Geneva)



1st Prize: CHF 20,000.-
2nd Prize: CHF 12,000.-
3rd Prize: CHF 8,000.-

In addition to official prizes, many special prizes are awarded. Prizewinners also benefit from concerts, recordings, international tours, workshops and personal coaching. More information here.

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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