Raul Huaman + Hoor Malas & Mayar Alexan

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After a brush with death and two years of rehabilitation to be able to walk again, life offers Raul a second chance. During the month when he is bedridden in the hospital, he develops an interest in cells: how do they change during trauma and how does the body undergo this transformation? In this duo that mixes Butoh and contemporary dance, each performer represents a cell of the same body. Raul digs into the flesh until he reaches fear, rage, madness. From this vulnerability emerges a body filled with contractions, spasms, and release. In this cycle, death is merely rebirth.

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Go on a journey through the narrow and intimate corridors of Hoor’s mind, the world of her dreams. Dreams have become the only private and secret place left for human beings. There, (self-)consciousness closes its eyes, making way for repressed desires, old memories, and daily details to intertwine and create their own magical scenarios and cinematic sequences every night.


Date(s) - 04/10/2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

ÉDIFICE WILDER - Espace danse

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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