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After the triumphal success of its original production “Oum par Elles” in 2019, the Festival is headed back into the world of the greatest Arab diva of all time, but now with a masculine approach!

Coming straight from the land of the cedars, singer Abdelkarim Shaar, a great virtuoso remarkable in his musical outpourings, will stir the audience with emotion in a poignant and unusual revival of Oum Kalthoum. With a mastery of vocal variations and arabesques showing undeniable talent that thrills audiences like nobody else, Abdelkarim Shaar has sung the fabulous repertory of Oum Kalthoum for many years before sellout crowds. Offering impressive improvisations and generous performances, who better than this great singer, known for his sonorous visions, to offer the public a unique new look at the fine gems from the woman devotedly nicknamed the Star of the Orient! With a rich and varied repertory, ranging from classical song to Aleppo qudud and Sufi chants, and a powerful voice that induces musical trances, Abdelkarim Shaar is one of the few singers able the perform the diva’s demanding repertory with brio.

Behind the grandiose name of Oum Kalthoum endures a musical legend embodied by an emancipated woman, liberating and liberating, who took charge of the stage and kept the audience hanging on every sound from her lips, an extraordinary singer who led the top musicians of her time with a simple wave of her handkerchief. Through her courage, determination and deep originality, Oum Kalthoum personified a creative renewal of classical Arab song and music.

Abdelkarim Shaar is among the last singers of his generation to perpetuate tarab in its most transcendent expression. This show, arousing great expectations, will warm the hearts of the audience by reviving the flame of the diva in its most perturbing aspects. Oum par lui, or eternal womanhood in masculine form!

Date(s) - 30/10/2021
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts

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Abdelkarim Shaar: voice

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      This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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