Book Review – Au cœur de la création musicale

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Au cœur de la création musicale. Paroles de compositeurs recueillies par Myriam Tétaz-Gramegna. (At the heart of musical creation. Composer lyrics collected by Myriam Tétaz-Gramegna.) / La Bibliothèque des Arts, 2018, 184 pages

“Owing to coincidences or appointments, these interviews were exceptional moments with artists who turned out to be impressive personalities, both in the extent of their culture and their sensitivity to the reality of the world.” This is how journalist Myriam Tétaz-Gramegna closes this book, which brings together interviews with 21 major composers of the 20th century, collected throughout her journalist’s career at a Swiss newspaper. Strong, brilliant, confident and mature words from illustrious artists of the already well-trodden path, snapshots of a musical journey and precious testimonies of the sensitive and aesthetic evolution of 20th-century music.

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Most of these masters reaffirm the importance of creating free and personal music, whether it results from the synthesis of different currents or solo explorations. Included are 21 personalities and 21 definitions of music, creation, inspiration, some favouring form, others the style or the message being convey. Twenty-one journeys overcome by pitfalls and upheavals, between the World Wars, Soviet censorship, misunderstanding and a search for identity. Throughout these 200 fascinating pages, giants whisper in our ears: Messiaen talks to us about the song of birds, Stockhausen of cosmic voyage, Gubaidulina of healing of the soul, Dutilleux of colors and memory, Halffter of superior sensitivity, Hosokawa of vertical and spiral time.

This book is a precious space where 21 visions of the world and approaches to creation are juxtaposed. The neophyte will find a crossroads of ideas to understand the ramifications taken by the music of the 20th century; the musician or the student in composition will find a stimulating and edifying speech, an invitation to clear and follow his own path in the byways of an art in permanent evolution. A reference book to match with listening to works in order to gain a better understanding of them.

Available at Archambault or on order in your bookstore, $ 37.95.

Translation by Vasyl Pawlowsky

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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