CD Review – Transient Canvas, Wired

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Transient Canvas, Wired / New Focus Recordings, 2018

The latest creation of the American duo Transient Canvas, Wired continues the exploratory work undertaken by Amy Advocat (bass clarinet) and Matt Sharrock (marimba) on their first release Sift. Once again, the musicians display undeniable technical know-how, obvious complicity and an in-depth understanding of the artistic vision of the composers who contributed to Wired. Dedicated to the interpretation of current works, this duo offers seven premieres with surprisingly varied styles that boldly exploit the possibilities of two instruments to which electronic devices are added. The result is strikingly original and flirts with avant-garde jazz aesthetics as well as the electro music of the early 1990s (Exergy Bubblebath). Even hammered rhythms reminiscent of dance music (Branches) are borrowed. The instruments also escape the melodic and percussive roles traditionally attributed to them, giving the pieces an unpredictable character reinforced by the absence of rigid formal structures. Whether a succession of short rhythmic and melodic syncopated motifs (Epidermis) or the slow development of abundant sound masses (Hyggelig), the different elements and sections of the pieces are linked together with naturalness and present a great cohesion, registering everything in a rich musical universe and perfectly coherent where one is sometimes surprised and keeps time with one’s foot.

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Translation by Vasyl Pawlowsky

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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Arnaud G. Veydarier est actuellement étudiant en musicologie à l’Université de Montréal et nourrit un intérêt prononcé pour le jazz, la musique contemporaine et les liens entre musique et développement urbain. Il est pigiste pour La Scena Musicale depuis septembre 2017.

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