Review: Mozart’s Requiem by Mundia Productions

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Last Saturday, November 10, Mundia Productions presented Mozart’s Requiem and the Piano Concerto #20 in d minor k.466 performed by the Orchestre philharmonique du Nouveau Monde conducted by Michel Brousseau, along with the participation of the Société philharmonique du Nouveau Monde choir and guest pianist Vasyl Kotys.

What you missed

If we were able to travel 1000 years forward, my guess is that Mozart’s Requiem would still be performed somewhere in a distant galaxy. This work is a masterpiece that is worth attending anytime we have the chance.

The highlight was the performance from Société philarmonique du Nouveau Monde choir. They executed particularly well the fast and loud passages. Two soloists caught my attention: the beautiful voices of tenor Éric Thériault and mezzo-soprano Stéphanie Potier.

Pianist Vasyl Kotys did a solid performance in the Concerto #20. I appreciated his dexterity in the solo passages and his nuances.


The piano and the orchestra were out of sync on many occasions. One had the impression that Brousseau had trouble communicating with the pianist because the piano was placed right behind him.

The orchestra’s playing left a lot to be desired, they could not attack the notes at the same time and failed to be in sync with the pianist or the choir.

Audience corner

Nicola (pianist from Germany): “It was really great, it was my first Mozart Requiem live and I really enjoyed it.”

Jean Claude (music amateur): “I didn’t like the fact that there was too many people moving during the performance and also all the cellphones and distractions, at one point a microphone started to make an awful noise too. It felt like a rehearsal.”

Lisette (Jean-Claude’s sister): “I really liked it, you know nowadays with the cellphones everybody has to try and take a few pictures, but they eventually stop.”

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Mundia Production’s next concert is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on Dec. 2 at Maison Symphonique.



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