Wednesday Healdlines: Notre-Dame Basilica at the heart of Montreal 375 festivities in new luminous project


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After the illumination of Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Montreal-based firm Moment Factory had received has been called to illuminate the Notre-Dame Basilica. Both events are part of the 375th anniversary festivities in Montreal. [Radio-Canada] [Canoë] [TVA] [CNW-Newswire]


  • Interview with violinist from Trois-Rivières Antoine Bareil, for the Quartango band. [La Presse]
  • Death of Quebecois artist Claire Guérette. She was well-known for his textile works. [La Presse]

Claire Guérette -Artiste Claire Guérette-Artiste


  • Estonia is working on the project named “An instrument for each kid,” who, as the title said, try to democratise music for all. The project takes place in the centennary of the country. [FranceMusique]
  • The director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has resigned due to the return of the institution’s financial problems. The Museum has a deficit of $8 million, but at the same time, has reached a record 6.7 million visitors. [La Presse] [Le Monde]


  • Death of the Viennese soprano Sonja Knittel at the age of 91. [Slippedisc]
  • Facebook has started a new app for music that is close to the YouTube system.[Slippedisc]
  • The Sydney Opera House has been fined $15,000 for noise pollution during an outdoor concert in November 2015. One of their neighbours filed the lawsuit. [The Violin Channel]

Maison Symphonique de Synday

  • Repertory of electroacoustic works using creaking as musical materiel. [FranceMusique]


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