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The International Resource Centre for Performing Artists (IRCPA) continues its three-decade mission of assisting Canadian musical artists to achieve their professional goals with the launch of the new IRCPA website, The website will go live on July 4, 2016.

The new IRCPA website features sources of relevant, engaging and timely information. is designed to become the social and professional hub for its members and friends, offering news about launches, triumphs, tours and the latest debuts of Canadian artists. Industry announcements, with resources, inform Canadian performers on developments that directly affect them. From the implications of EU and US rules for touring artists to traveling with a fragile instrument, will be the go-to site.

Many established artists have benefitted from the IRCPA programs, and the new website will be a continuing important resource for them and all musicians, especially for artists from around the world who are making Canada their new home. As a digital connector, the site is yet another example of how the IRCPA is responding to the needs of  artists.

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For anyone who has not joined, membership is free. Sign up forms are available on the new website,


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