50s Rockabilly Extravaganza featuring The El Dorados

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A celebration of 1950s Rockabilly and Americana will occur on Friday, July 17th, from 7:30-11:00pm, at The Saratoga Music Hall. At 8pm the stage will feature The El Dorados, and the renowned rockabilly band will transport the hall into the 50s and 60s. The event is sponsored by the Saratoga SAVOY and is part of the Diamond Dance series, and which boasts the most attended monthly big band/swing dance in the Northeast. The dance series is an affiliate dance of the Dance Flurry Organization and is open to the public.

“The El Dorados are a local favorite.  Their energy is amazing and really capture the Rock-a-billy spirit. I have had the privileged to work with this band for several years, and their performace never gets old, ” says a bowling shirt clad Dave Wolf, the event coordinator.  “We constantly get requests for this band, and the band often ends the set with encores.”

The dance is one of the series of events called the Diamond Dance. It regularly offers seating, tables, food, beverages, DJ’ed breaks, a multimedia show, and a dance lesson. The Diamond Dance is known for its unique energy that attracts attendees of all ages as well as some of the best dancers in the northeast. Several attendees claim that the Diamond Dance is worth its admission just to watch the energy of the dancers. Of course, others look forward to participating.  The event opens its doors a 7:30 with a dance lesson and The El Dorados will take the stage at 8pm. Admission is only $15 with cash or DFO discount – rock-a-billy dresses and bowling shirts are optional.

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For more information, or press photos,contact the Saratoga SAVOY at:
The Saratoga SAVOY, 7 Wells St, Saratoga Springs, NY,



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