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Since 1990, you have been able to listen to thousands of radio ­stations from all over the world for free via the Internet, even without your computer, tablet or smartphone. Many options are available. You can either buy a portable device or a tabletop model.

Different formats, such as FLAC (high quality) or MP3 (lower ­quality), allow you to enjoy interference-free digital sound with clear voices and musical instruments without any crackling or reception problems – provided the signal is strong enough if you are using a portable device. Radio stations are transmitted via your Internet ­connection, in a completely independent manner.

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On some models, you have different audio sources: file playback via the network or USB key, or access to an online music service through a subscription (Amazon, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, etc.). These devices use a WIFI or wired (RJ45) signal and the radio device broadcasts the selected sound source: Internet radio, audio files, online music services, etc. For its WIFI configuration, you just have to select your network and add your password. If you’re using an RJ45 network cable, your Internet connection does not require any configuration.

The choice of stations is much greater than with the FM band and the quality is much better. In addition, you no longer need to ­remember frequencies or pre-set channels. The search is done by name, alphabetical order or music genre.

Compared to traditional radio, Internet radio is not limited to audio. Broadcasts may be accompanied by photos or graphics, text and links, as well as forums and discussion boards.

One should forget about DAB stations because neither consumers, the industry, nor or our neighbours, the Americans, have been willing to embrace DAB digital radio.

As for listening in the car, there is Sirius, an American digital ­satellite radio operator which offers a subscription service. If you are using a computer, Internet radio can transmit music to your stereo via a DAC (best-case scenario for sound quality), a Bluetooth adapter or a cable. You can go directly to the website of your favourite radio stations or choose them through a portal such as myTuner, Online Radio Box and My Little Radio, or others.

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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