Tapestry Opera: R.U.R. A Torrent Of Light

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Founded by power-couple Helena and Dom, the tech company R.U.R. dominates the A.I. software market and powers the now-ubiquitous androids that serve their human owners.

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As Dom continues to consolidate R.U.R.’s power in the marketplace, Helena’s research leads to an A.I. breakthrough that will pit their visions for the future squarely against each other. They’ve reached a turning point for humanity — but is humanity ready?

Inspired by Karel Čapek’s 1920’s science-fiction play Rossum’s Universal Robots (which introduced the word “robot” to the English language), composer Nicole Lizée’s and writer Nicolas Billon’s R.U.R. A Torrent of Light grapples with one of our generation’s most fascinating questions.

This stunning new opera combines dance, beautiful multimedia design, a chamber orchestra including 100 instruments creating a unique electronica-classical sound, and wearable technology created with OCAD University’s Social Body Lab, to create an immersive and unforgettable science-fiction experience.

Date(s) - 24/05/2022
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Nicole Lizée, Composer; Nicolas Billon, Librettist; Michael Hidetoshi Mori, Director; Krisztina Szabó, Helena; Peter Barrett, Dom; Scott Belluz, Alex; Danielle Buonaiuto, Helena; Micah Schroeder, [Quinn]; Alex Hetherington, [Riley]; Maeve Palmer, Soprano; Anne-Marie Ramos, Soprano; Jennifer Routhier, Mezzo-Soprano; Sofi Gudiño, Dancer; Katherine Semchuk, Dancer; Emily Spearing, Dancer; Brayden Jamil Cairns, Dancer

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      Tapestry is a professional theatre and opera producer that creates and produces for the heart of the here and now. In addition to producing a concert and chamber opera season, Tapestry has become an international crossroads for diverse musical and dramatic artists inspired to contribute to the creation and evolution of new opera. Creation begins with multiple collaborations at the Composer-Librettist Laboratory (LibLab), where eight writers and composers are introduced and produce sixteen opera shorts under intense conditions. Successful partnerships may result in commissioning new full length works by Tapestry or by other producers. Evolution exists not only in the content and style of the music and text, but also in performance practice. Tapestry Explorations (Tap:Ex) is Canada’s premiere program for the evolution and advancement of opera performance practice and seeks inspiration from other art forms in both art and popular streams.

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