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The feeling that she was gigantic imposed itself on her body image, her inner dialogues, and her relationships with others. This solo is born out of Gabrielle’s desire to go meet this giant and other self-representations fashioned by her imagination. With this intimate fresco, she externalizes the distorted conceptions of herself that inhabit her. Costume, music, and light harmonize in a multi-voice choir that alternately reveals, conceals, magnifies, and disfigures the dance. The time has come for this performer-choreographer to embrace conflict to better free herself from it.

Structures affectives (Emotional structures)

Connected to the space by a metallic device, the performer explores the material encounter through a rhetoric of movement that suggests a back and forth between the self, covered with a thin film of skin, and exteriority. The corporality of the body and the object forms a real drawing in the space, a place of multiple forces and constraints. A meditative work about the relationships between subject and object, and the porosity of the frontiers between bodies.

Date(s) - 11/11/2021
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

ÉDIFICE WILDER - Espace danse

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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Premier organisme de diffusion spécialisé en danse au Québec, actif depuis 1980 et dénicheur de chorégraphes émergent·e·s, Tangente offre une programmation de danse contemporaine de septembre à mai. Chaque soirée de spectacle est une expérience singulière qui s’ouvre sur l’expérimental et l’interdisciplinaire. Nos deux salles intimes à géométrie variable dans l’ÉDIFICE WILDER – Espace danse au cœur du Quartier des spectacles nous permettent d’assurer la présence de l’avant-garde et de la scène alternative au centre-ville de Montréal.

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