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With numerous first prizes in national and international classical guitar competitions to his credit, Brent Crawford has been gaining recognition as a leader among guitarists of his generation. However, nothing predisposed young Crawford to the career of a performer. He started the guitar at age 8, influenced above all by his love of rock and rap of the 1990s. It was necessary to wait until his twenties for the piano music of Bach and Tchaikovsky to awaken a passion for the classical genre.

The most recent win on his record is of the Montreal International Classical Guitar Festival and Competition, which has been attracting rising stars from the national and international guitar community since 2002. Questioned about this umpteenth victory, Crawford keeps his feet on the ground and says he is satisfied with his experience and happy to have been able to visit Montreal, because beyond the “competitive” aspect of instrumental competitions, the guitarist is able to test the theories he has developed as part of his doctoral studies. Crawford is pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto, where he is attempting to compare the musical performances of guitarists with the athletic performances of athletes, in order to develop strategies of preparation adapted to the demands of the instrument. Hoping to share the results of his research with his colleagues, Crawford plans to organize a series of training workshops while pursuing his numerous musical projects.

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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