Monday Headlines: Review of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the Maison Symphonique

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On Saturday, the reputable Boston Symphony Orchestra played at the Maison Symphonique. The last time the orchestra visited Montreal was in 1984, more than 30 years ago.

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra: Interview with the conductor, the young 38-year-old Andris Nelsons. [La Presse] 
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra: Concert review by [La Presse]
  • Some tough criticism of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the Maison Symphonique. [Le Devoir]


  • The OSM has unveiled a new video on Twitter:

  • Review of the all-Schubert concert by pianist András Schiff on Friday at the Maison Symphonique. [Le Devoir]


  • The exposition Carnets naturalistes by Denise Blackburn runs until April 16 at the Centre national d’exposition, Jonquière Quebec. [La Presse]


  • A new concert hall in Paris, La Seine Musicale, will be inaugurated by none another than Bob Dylan. [Slippedisc]

New Concert Hall of Paris

Berlin Concert Hall

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