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Flamenco is a fascinating world of melodies and dances full of passion and fire that warms our hearts. Caroline Planté and Fernando Gallego “El Bancalero”, two emblematic figures of flamenco in Montreal, offer us two shows, Un dia cualquiera and Remembranzas.

Photo Hervé Leblay

The guitarist Caroline Planté is from Montreal. She began to learn guitar at the age of 7 with her father Marcel Planté “El Rubio » as a teacher, he transmitted her the art of accompanying dance and singing and his passion for flamenco music.

It is with him also that she makes her first shows.

Winner of several ­prestigious scholarships, she will improve in Spain (Madrid, Seville) where she stayed for nine years. Caroline has been the assistant and artistic director of the Flamenco Festival in Montreal since 2012.

The singer Fernando Gallego is from Cadiz, He began his career at the age of nine. Over a long and prestigious career, “El Bancalero” has collaborated on many shows and with ­festivals (both in Europe and Canada), ­including Toronto and Montreal, where he settled last December.

Photo: Levent Erutku

He has worked with major flamenco ­companies, including Rosanne Dion in ­Montreal.

On November 26, A Dia Cualquiera (Just another day) will be presented at the Rialto Theater at 7:30 pm. This show, based on an original idea by Fernando, aims to transport the audience to a real “peña flamenca.” The most important Montreal-based performers, dancers and flamenco musicians will be on stage.

The “peña flamenca” is an informal ­gathering, in a place (It can be any place) where the musicians and dancers decide to play, sing and dance in a free and spontaneous way. In this program we will hear: Rueda de coplas, Buleria por Solea, Alegria (with dance), ­Tientos, Tangos, Fandangos, Marianas y ­Tangos and Tanguillos in the first part and, in the second part, Seguidillas al Golpe, ­Cantinas, Tientos (dance), Rumbas, ­Fandangos, ­Naturales (all singers) and Fin de Fiesta.

On December 2nd Remembranzas ­(Souvenirs) will be presented at the amphitheater Le Gesù at 8 pm. In this show, Fernando and Caroline tell us of their beginnings in music. Rumba occupies a particularly ­important place in their lives. Fernando learned and started singing with rumba. This show will also be a kind of walk through his ­career. For ­Caroline, the show brings her back to her ­childhood: “My father was an incredible ­rumbero. “

On a more personal level, we will hear in the first part tangos, Alegría (typical of Cadiz, ­usually more cheeky), two colas, En el ultimo minuto and Cai (Spanish songs sung in the ­flamenco manner, that his mother sang when during his childhood). In the second part, Yo te digo cantando (a rumba from the 1970s), Los tres bandoleros (song on a poem by ­Garcia Lorca), Déjame en paz (Bambino song,) and Cuando muera (bolero).. |

Translated by Adrian Rodriguez

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