The Canada Council for the Arts: winners of the CC prizes


The Canada Council for the Arts is awarding prizes to seven distinguished artists in dance, photography, music, literature, and visual and/or media arts. These prizes underscore the excellence of these artists’ careers in their respective disciplines.

Here are our winners for 2018:

Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography ($8,000): Carol Sawyer

Jacqueline Lemieux Prize ($6,000): Rosanna Terracciano – dance

Robert Fleming Prize ($2,000):
Fjóla Evans – musical composition

Joan Lowndes Award ($3,500):
Sylvie Parent – visual and media arts

Joseph S. Stauffer Prizes
($5,000 each):
Jean-François Sénéchal – literature
Christian Bouchard – music
Vishal Jugdeo – visual arts


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