Swinging Summer Soiree Held in Saratoga

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The Saratoga Music Hall will feature jazz and swing event and Friday, August 21st, from 7:30-11:00pm. The event will feature Sonny and Perley’s Jazz Experience, and focus on early twentieth century melodies that the group is famous for. The group has been described by jazz critics as  “A jazz group that can really swing…stellar piano work! Fresh, soaring and strong vocals striking memories of Sarah Vaughn or Carmen McRae”. Prior to the band taking the stage, at 8pm,
a dance lesson by a professional dancer will be available.

“We are so glad to have this group back.  Their versatility is incredible, however, their ability to improvise and work with the audience makes every performance fun, fresh, and memorable,” explains Dave Wolf, the event coordinator.” Perley Rousseau, a polyglot, is known to amaze crowds with her ability to switch languages between songs while always maintaining an excellent performance.” 

Jenna Caputo, a professional dance instructor from the Saratoga SAVOY, stated, “It is great to see that we are bringing back music to the Music Hall and how so many people are appreciating the music and dancing.” Caputo is referring to  the history of the music hall, which used to hold grand music events and then later, when the acts stop coming, was used by a boxing club. Within the past eleven years, the SAVOY Diamond Dance series has that has become the largest monthly big band/swing  dance event in the Northeast. The dance series first started with Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning attending the event and later returning. Manning was a member of the  professional dance company Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers from the original Savoy ballroom.
The event is part of the Diamond Dance series, an affiliate of the Dance Flurry, which includes a regular concert/dance at the Saratoga  Music Hall every third Friday of the month. This event is often referred to as the Diamond Dance because  it often attracts people from Montreal, Ithaca, Boston  and New York. “In many ways, these dances unify people  of all types and places as they come to enjoy the music  and dancing together,” says Wolf. Several patron come just  to listen to the band and watch the dancers. 
The Diamond Dance offers seating, tables, food & beverages, intermission featuring DJ SAVOY, a special video/slide show, and more. The starts at 7:30pm with a dance lesson from a professional dancer from the Saratoga SAVOY and is included with admission. The band  takes the stage at 8pm.  Admission is only $15 with cash discount, flurry membership or advanced ticket sales.  Otherwise the cost is $16. 
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