OSM returns to YUL in June with Mikaël Kingsbury

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Montreal, April 22, 2021—The ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE DE MONTRÉAL is pleased and excited to announce the 2nd edition of the OSM CLASSICAL FLIGHT, a benefit concert in support of the OSM’s mission, under the evocative theme WHEN MUSIC HITS THE SKY. The OSM musicians will joyfully reunite with conductor Dina Gilbert, known for her energy, precision and versatility, while this new edition also features the involvement of Olympic gold medallist, six-time world champion in freestyle skiing and devoted lover of classical music Mikaël Kingsbury!

I was both surprised and delighted when the OSM team asked me to be their spokesperson for the Classical Flight. Not many people know that I listen to classical music to help me focus during a competition. It is what helps me stay calm and collected before my descents. When my headphones are on my ears, I am in my own bubble.”— Mikaël Kingsbury

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THE OSM CLASSICAL FLIGHT is an event where the worlds of sports and music converge. Though they work in very different fields, conductor Dina Gilbert and freestyle skier Mikaël Kingsbury both have mountains to tackle with rigour, discipline, concentration, passion, and self-confidence. Dina and Mikaël each share a bit of their lives in this entertaining and memorable evening of works by Mozart, Brahms, Kodály and Dvořák. The spectacular musical event When Music Hits the Sky propels us to the universe and imagination of two gifted athletes in the OSM’s company.

I am thrilled to reconnect with the OSM musicians for this unique and exceptional event. A magical evening awaits, in which everyone, seasoned music lovers and newcomers alike will be delighted. These days, we are especially in need of music, beauty, and an evening such as this one, to indulge in a bit of escapism.”— Dina Gilbert

  • The concert will begin 3 hours before the imposed curfew. Therefore, the concert’s exact time will be announced later.
  • to ensure a spectacular evening for all, the stage for this concert will be visible from all vantage points;
  • giant screens strategically placed within the space, for a more intimate experience;
  • exceptional sound quality, via radio retransmission, in the comfort of your vehicle;
  • and sanitary facilities in compliance with Public Health requirements.

Three package rates from $100 to $500 (per car) are available. All details on OSM.CA

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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