Marvelous Duo let the “Mediterranean Winds” blow

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The 12th Gümüşlük International Classical Music Festival, principally sponsored by DenizBank, continues and presented French violinist Gilles Apap and Serbian pianist Misha Dacic on stage with their “Mediterranean Winds”. The duo performed traditional World music and pieces from Maurice Ravel and George Enescu.
The Festival is continuing at full speed at Gümüşlük and yesterday evening hosted again in the Ancient Stone Quarry a memorable concert. French violinist Gilles Apap and the Serbian pianist Misha Dacic stayed nearly 2 hours on stage to enchant the audience. The Bodrum music lovers were very excited about meeting with Misha Dacic again, and with the very geniality outgoing Gilles Apap.
Bodrum audience was amazed  by Gilles Apap
The duo which have shared the same stage before, enchanted the watchers with their excellent adaptations of very intense and as well very cheerful pieces in a harmonic and Mediterranean style. To begin the performance Gilles Apap appeared from the back of the audience and walked slowly towards the stage playing a lightly rippling piece of J.S.Bach. Then he continued on stage with traditional melodies from Brittany and Ireland and the Jazz standard “How high is the moon” from Morgan Lewis. His violin solo continued with “Impressions of Childhood” by George Enescu. Then Misha Dacic came on stage and they performed together “Sonata for Violin and Piano M.77” with the movements “Allegretto”, “Blues. Moderato” and “Perpetuum mobile. Allegro” by Maurice Ravel.
For the second part of the night violonist Gilles Apap and pianist Misha Dacic performed “Sonata for Violin & Piano, Op. 25, No 3” by George Enescu, which Enescu composed at the end of 1930’. The musicians received hearty applause for their recital of the three movements “Moderato malinconico”, “Andante sostenuto e misterioso” and “Allegro con brio, ma non troppo mosso”. Then Gilles Apap called the students of his masterclass he had conducted during the day on to the stage and they performed together several traditional folk songs of the region where Apap lives in the USA.
Successful duo
The French citizen violinist Gilles Apap, whom Yehudi Menuhin called the ”exemplary violinist of the 21st Century”, is known for his ingeniously interpretations of musical works by Bach, Mozart, Ravel and various traditional music pieces. Apap has been invited as soloist to world famous concert halls from Carnegie Hall, New York to Salle Pleyel, Paris and Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall. His approach to music as a soloist and chamber orchestra musician and his transmission of music and his unique perception of sharing has made his name very beloved at international Chamber Orchestras. The artist who is a permanent participant of the International Menuhin Association attends Festival and Academy masterclasses and workshops around the World.
The musician Misha Dacic is known to the festival visitors intimately – he has attended the Festival many times before as concert artist, as Saygun Piano Competition Jury Member and as a masterclass teacher. After his American debut at the Miami International Piano Festival in 2003, Dacic became a sought-after soloist who captured audiences throughout the United States. He appears in recitals as well as a guest soloist in Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Japan. In 2009 he joined Ida Haendel on a tour in Japan, performing with her all over the world ever since. Since 2013, Dacic has been teaching at Mersin University and at Fine Arts University in Niş – Serbia.

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