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Why not start on the porch of the Centaur with the Portico project 2.0? Portico Project: The Exchange celebrates all performances that can inspire and challenge us to stand together and belong. This edition features short plays co-created by Julie Tamiko Manning, Eo Sharp and Nalo Soyini Bruce, directed by Julie Tamiko Manning. A fun way to welcome ­autumn. Sept. 23-Oct 2 www.centaurtheatre.com

With Plays 2 Perform @ Home, the ­company Montreal discovered in the first ­edition of Portico, Boca del lupo, literally brings theatre into your life. Plays2Perform invites the audience to take a leading role in a short, newly created plays with close friends or family. These short plays can be performed around the ­dinner table or on in park. Featuring Montreal playwrights Marie Barlizo, Michaela Di Cesare, Gabe Maharjan and Adjani Poirier. Sept. 23-Oct. 2 www.centaurtheatre.com

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Scapegoat Carnivale is back with Yev, a ­successful show in English and Russian that deals with the connections between a Siberian hermit, a McGill biology student and a retired Russian geologist. Yev dramatizes how even small interventions from the outside world can trouble the balance of fragile micro-­cultures. Acclaimed theatre artists Scapegoat Carnivale co-artistic directors Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge are the co-writers and ­directors of the play, which is freely inspired by the Siberian hermit Agafia Lykova, At les Maisons de la culture : Oct. 20-22


Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming and ­written by Duncan Macmillan, Every Brilliant Thing is a perfect first show to return to the theatre, says Segal Centre artistic and ­executive director Lisa Rubin. Ice cream, hugs…how many little joys that we take for granted make life tasteful? To prove to his depressed mother that life is indeed worth living, a child lists as many of these pleasures as he can. Back after a limited-run spring production, Every Brilliant Thing is a celebration of gratitude and love. Content advisory: the play mentions clinical depression, pet euthanasia and suicide. Oct. 24-Nov. 14 www.segalcentre.org


This year, Infinithéâtre is inviting teachers nationwide to view a recording of the recent live-streamed production of Paul Van Dyck’s King of Canada with their students. And, for his first-year mandate as director, award-winning theatre artist Zach Frazer is proud to present the English-language ­premiere of Omi Mouna, the semi-­autobiographical tale of Mohsen El Gharbi’s journey from Montreal to Tunisia to meet his paternal great-grandmother. Featuring ­performer and creator Mohsen El Gharbi. Nov. 4-14 www.infinitheatre.com

Talisman Theater brings Wildfire, an English translation by Leanna Brodie of the hit play Le brasier by David Paquet, with a new English-speaking cast. Wildfire is as dark and ferocious a tragicomedy as any ancient Greek work. But what if, beyond the obvious numerous misfortunes, the greatest tragedy of all was the blindness of the characters?
Nov. 8-20 www.lachapelle.org

Rachel Graton’s Night of the 4th to 5th, translated by Katherine Turnbull and directed by recent NTS graduate Isabelle Bartkowiak will be made available to schools as well as for a Zoom Q&A with the artists. A digital version of last year’s success, Habibi’s Angels, will be ­accessible to schools as well. www.talisman-theatre.com

Ginger is the only elf who got fired from every job she’s tried. But she finally gets a chance in Santa’s mailroom. All she must do is open ­letters, so nothing should go wrong. But ­suddenly an outsider breaks in the scene and ­Ginger must deal with more than she can handle. Written and directed by Rebecca Northan, All I Want for Christmas is a comedy of slapstick humor for ages 12 and up. There is a language warning. Nov. 16-Dec. 5 www.centaurtheatre.com

Written, created and performed by the ­celebrated Anana Rydvald, directed by Zach Fraser, The Sighlence of Sky is a non-verbal mask and mime play. It’s a sweet ode to the poignant love that animates family bonds, ­inspired by the creator’s passionate parents and sweet sister. Nov. 25-Dec. 5 www.infinitheatre.com

The Segal Centre boards into a new ­challenge and presents the world premiere of ­SuperDogs: The Musical, a new musical ­starring more than 20 dogs by Leonard Chase and John Halpin, directed by Sara Rodriguez. This all-original, interactive experience is part musical, part stunt-dog agility demonstration. Content advisory: beware, extreme cuteness. Nov. 28-Dec. 19 www.segalcentre.org


Translated by Iris Cronin, directed by Sophie El Assaad, Sarah Berthiaume’s Antioch is the story of women who feel walled up alive. A desperate teenager becomes radicalized under the influence of an online friend. Her friend Antigone died 2,500 years ago and she’s obsessed about having her tragedy interpreted by the school’s theatre company – instead of Grease. The online reading of Antioch can be seen on Facebook. Dec. 06 www.talisman-theatre.com

Be the first to discover new plays! The Pipeline is the annual public reading series of plays that come down the Infinithéâtre ­development pipeline. Audience feedback takes centre stage as Infinithéâtre invites the public to share their views on plays that are considered for production in future seasons. The winning play of the Write-on-Q playwriting competition is included in this series. Starting this year, it will also feature the ­winners of The-Write-Stuff, Infinithéâtre new playwriting competition for youth. At Kin ­Experience, Dec. 9-12 www.infinitheatre.com   

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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