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You Say You Want a Revolution

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, until October 9, 2017

Experience the 1960s as if you were there! This exhibition explores the decade’s revolutionary spirit, which manifested itself in several spheres of Western society: politics, art, culture, technology, sexuality, and more. Wearing high-fidelity headphones, visitors embark on an immersive journey experiencing Woodstock, the Summer of Love in San Francisco, the events of May 1968 in Paris, all while hearing songs of The Beatles, Janis Joplin, and many more era-defining musicians. With over 700 objects and artworks on display, the exhibition also examines the Sixties in Quebec: the consequences of the Quiet Revolution, Expo 67, the 1970 October Crisis, and notable Quebec artists such as Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier. A ticket for You Say You Want a Revolution also grants you access to the Love is Love exhibition.


Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, until October 21, 2017

This first critical reflection on the work of artist Philippe Hamelin, Carnations questions “the ambiguous relationship between what is real, living and digitally constructed.” Computer-generated animations are juxtaposed with textured models of human and organic forms as well as videotaped segments and geometric shapes, creating a liminal world that takes on a strange affective quality.

Hergé in Québec City

Musée de la civilisation, until October 22, 2017

Thanks to a partnership with the Musée Hergé, the Musée de la civilisation presents Hergé in Québec City, a superb collection of Georges Rémi’s original drawings, precious documents and other previously unpublished works. A man of many talents, the creator of Tintin dabbled in graphic design, advertising and newspaper drawing, in addition to his towering legacy as a comic artist.

Illusions: The Art of Magic

Musée McCord, until January 7, 2018

Discover a selection of breathtaking chromolithographic posters – most of which have never been exhibited in Canada before – that served as promotional tools for magic shows during the golden age of magic, from the late 19th Century until the early 20th Century. Halfway between art and advertising, these gigantic posters immortalise some of the era’s most famous magicians, including Kellar, Chung Ling Soo, Thurston, Les Herrmanns, and of course Houdini. The exhibition also explores the illusions that came to define the world of modern magic: appearance and disappearance, decapitation, levitation, escapes, and mental phenomena.

Mon cœur est à Montréal – 41 vies à découvrir

Grande Bibliothèque, until January 7, 2018

For Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the BAnQ proposes Mon coeur est à Montréal: 41 vies à découvrir, an exhibition focusing on 41 individuals who shaped the city throughout its history. From Jeanne Mance to François Barbeau, discover an array of precious artefacts and archival documents that once belonged to these Montrealers who left an indelible mark on their beloved metropolis.

Canadian and Indigenous Art: 1968 to Present

National Gallery of Canada, until April 30, 2018

Continuing the storylines of the Canadian and Indigenous Art: From Time Immemorial to 1967 exhibit, this second instalment explores the diversity and richness of Canada’s visual arts landscape since 1968. Featuring over 150 artworks in various media such as painting, sculpture, video, installation and photography, this exhibition surveys the multiple themes and movements that characterize contemporary Canadian art. Includes notably Shary Boyle’s work on paper Untitled (the Porcelain Fantasy series), and Vienna and Transmutation, Brian Jungen’s impressive plastic sculptures inspired by whale skeletons.

KYMA, Power of Waves

Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan, until May 9, 2018

The fruit of an innovative partnership between Montreal Space for Life and the National Film Board of Canada (René Chénier/NFB), KYMA, Power of Waves examines the world of waves, those mysterious phenomena that affect the entire Universe. Created and directed by filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq, this multimedia show takes the form of an allegorical tale that celebrates the singular place living beings occupy in the Universe. A truly immersive experience, visitors are also treated to an original score by Robert Marcel Lepage.

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything

Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, September 11, 2017 until September 4, 2018

A truly international exhibition, Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything invites over 40 artists and musicians to create a multidisciplinary body of work celebrating the heritage and major themes of Cohen’s life and oeuvre. In addition to the works specially commissioned and created for the exhibit, there will be unique multimedia environments in which Cohen’s songs will be performed and reinterpreted, and in which precious archival material (some of his poems, writings, and recordings) will be displayed.


This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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