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JAN JÄRVLEPP, composer. Pascale Margely flute, Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra | Stanislav Vavřínek conductor, Zagreb Festival Orchestra | Ivan Josip Skender conductor, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra | Petr Vronský conductor : (Navona Records, NV6291)

Jan Järvlepp’s first Navona release, CONCERTO 2000, presents a tonal concerto scored for orchestra – one might think Wagner or Mahler when listening. Except that Wagner and Mahler might not quite have agreed with the directness of his tonal language: for Järvlepp’s work unabashedly aspires to appeal on a popular level. The listener who expects a daunting epic in face of an awe-inducing title such as CONCERTO 2000 will be surprised to encounter lighthearted, bubbly music able to put a spring in your step. Järvlepp’s fine brushstroke bears a secret power: that of whisking the listener on a world tour within the span of three symphonic movements. I. Caliente! would be just as fitting as a soundtrack for a film set in Mexico or Spain, during a more romantic, heroic age than ours. The calm II. Nocturne is reminiscent of a mysterious urban scene, perhaps in Paris or Warsaw; it’s the musical equivalent of a walk in nightly fog. The whole concerto concludes with the fittingly-titled III. Fire, Ice and Vodka, a spirited collision of the Champagne Aria, Hungarian-esque folk dances, and the kind of merriment one is likely to find among a group of Russians.

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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