La Maison musicale de Warwick: Showcase of Québécois talent


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By Marq Doyon

La Maison musicale de Warwick has been operating for eight years in the Centre-du-Québec region. Its mandate is to promote talented Québécois musicians. Its geographic location away from the major centres offers a wider platform for musicians. The Warwick area is known for its producers and processors of excellent agricultural goods, its ski resort, its restaurants and its bed and breakfast accommodations.

Two musical niches are on the regular schedule. The first is classical music with small chamber ensembles, ranging from the Baroque to the 20th century. The second is jazz with trios, quartets and quintets. These concerts occur in intimate, friendly surroundings in which the intimacy of the situation delights musicians and audience alike.

Besides these two programs, there are the musical encounters Poco a poco. A few times each season, young people between the ages of four and 13 are invited to introductory get-togethers led by excellent musicians who are able to communicate their knowledge in a playful, participatory way in an easygoing atmosphere. Instruments are made available under the supervision of the facilitators. This friendly environment is an asset for discovering musical culture in general and very stimulating for children.

La Maison musicale de Warwick has two concert halls. The first, which can hold 50 people, has an Esmonde-White grand piano. The second, which seats 35, is unique in its structure and its reigning magnificent instrument. This latter is an exceptional gem, a Casavant organ, Opus 3715. It is nothing short of the soul of the house.

This institution’s most distinctive qualities are doubtless the intimacy and proximity that the concerts offer the audience and the musicians. The positive comments heard here and there during refreshment time after each concert are such that you can only be proud of such a site.

No doubt remains that what stand out are the unique experience and pleasure afforded by this no less unique place. Welcome to La Maison musicale de Warwick.

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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