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Liaoning Ballet from China presents you for a first time in Montreal, a memorable evening of ballet dances from Classics of Nutcracker to Contemporary work of <Songs of Words>, to prize winning Original Ballet< Ballet elegant demeanour> which you should not miss:

  1. Mordern Ballet< The Cliff>
    • Choreographer: Marc Rimbaud
    • Music: Ludovico Einaudi
    • Cast: Liu shijie/ Chen yongyu et al
      • Life is a journey without retreat. Leaving a cliff behind will give you the most dynamic acceleration. On the cliff, life is too short, love and hate are too clear, which can not stop for a moment. The dance follows the rhythm of music tightly and it is all performed in a pas de deux – which is all about the tension, urgency, inability to hide on the cliffs, and the unfathomable depth under the cliffs.
  2. Modern ballet pas de deux <The color of blood>
    • Choreographer: Liu tingting
    • Cast:Ao dingwen/ Wang zhanfeng
    • This is an occurred in black earth, unknown, and touching tragic story. In the period of “Time”, for family, for love, for friends, for the beautiful homes, they set their foot on the road with full of blood with no regrets…
  3. Group dance <The Jasmine>
    • Choreographer: Liu Tingting
    • Music: Bao Bida
    • Cast: Zhang Yixin et al.
    • Even though it is used to erect a toe of the ballet, it is still full of Chinese flavor. When the familiar “jasmine flower” music rings, you will find that this dance is flowing from the heart, fresh, gentle, natural. It is the exact appearance of the girl next door in Jiangnan of China. The Modern Ballet < The Jasmine> is the outstanding original work of Liaoning Ballet,which considerated as an enduring and popular repertoire in global scale for decades.
  4. Contemporary work < Out of the mist>
    • Choreographer: Wang yuanyuan
    • Music: Philip Glass
    • Cast: Li siyi/ Chang sinuo
    • Calling your name under the sound of the sea, but your name has already gone out of a thousands sails…..Accoring to Chinese poet LUOFU’s work<Out of the mist>, this dance tells a deliberation of love and time.
  5. Modern Ballet< Songs without words>
    • Choreographer: Rui Luis Lopez Graca
    • Music: Joannes Brahms
    • Cast: Yu chuanya/ Zhang haidong etc.
    • The music itself has been rejected all the plots, when listen to some pieces of this music which written by German composer Johannes Brahms, it is flowing with the performance of the actors with amplification exaggerated body movements to complete the interaction and communication between each other, which could indicate the multiple identities of people in modern society in a variety of relations and various emotions. They can express their emotions in the dance freely, to release of the excited, to calm after the grief sorrow. Maybe, when the music plays, everyone could fine their own shadow in this show.
  6. ‘Dance of the Cygnets’ from< Swan Lake > Act II
    • Choreographer: Vladmir Malakhov
    • Music: Tchaikovsky
    • Cast: Yu chuanya/ Zhang haidong etc.
    • The Prince and his friends come to a lakeside clearing and see a beautiful swan. This is Princess Odette transformed into a swan under the magic spell of the evil sorcerer. The Prince falls in love with Odette but the evil sorcerer attempts to separate them apart. Only uncompromisingly faithful love can transform Odette back to her human figure.
      The Prince pledges that he will love Odette forever.
  7. Classic ballet <Esmeralda> Classics pas de deux
    • Choreographer: Jules Perrot
    • Music: Cesare Pugni
    • Cast: Li siyi/Chang sinuo
    • According to the French classics “Notre Dame DE Paris” based on the creation of classical ballet in “Ace mirada” section of the variation of the Gypsy dance style, it is the required choice of dance section in the international ballet competition.
  8. Classics pas de deux <Spartacus>
    • Choreographer:Yuri Grigorovich
    • Music: Aram Ilitch Khatchaturian
    • Cast:Zhang haidong/Chi linna
    • Spartacus fell in love with Frigia. Suddenly an officer reported that Krasu’s army was marching toward it, and Spartacus was ready to fight. Some warriors quietly left their leader because of timidity.
  9. World classic ballet <La Corsaire> Pas de trois
    • The world classic ballet “pirates” is a well known and popular ballet drama , it’s very vividly depicts a group of pirates of the Caribbean struggled to fight against the feudal colonists tender-hearted touching story
  10. Classical Pas de deux <The Nutcracker>
    • Choreographer:Marius petipa
    • Music: Peter Tchaikovsky
    • Cast:Ao dingwen/ Wang zhanfeng
    • The Nutcracker is one of the best Ballets in the world. It attracts tens of millions of audiences. On the one hand, it has magnificent scenes, funny and interesting performances, but more importantly, Tchaikovsky’s music gives the ballet a strong infection. This classical ballet is also a must-play performance during Christmas season every year.
  11. Original Ballet< Ballet elegant demeanour>
    • Choreographer: Wang Peng
    • Music: Anonymity
    • Cast:All Dancers
    • Prize-winning work in 2nd CCTV Television dance competition. This work will take you into the magnificent palace of the gentle art, to enjoy the endless imagination and elegence of ballet’s unique romance.



Date(s) - 13/09/2019
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Oscar Peterson Centre

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China Liaoning Ballet(LNB), established in 1980, is one of the most famous ballet ensembles in China. Liaoning Ballet has been dedicated to producing ballet art pieces of Chinese characteristics while persistently introduces, rehearses and performs world ballet classics. It has scored remarkable achievements in exploring and building the Chinese school of ballet art. Since 1980, LNB has rehearsed and performed world famous ballet pieces including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, the Nutcracker, La Sylphide, Giselle, and La Fille Mal Gardee, etc. LNB coproduced ballet performances of with famous Russian leading choreographer –Yuri Grigorovich, that was the first time in China.While the performances of classic, LNB also actively cooperate the international master to build “new classic” ,associated with the “Century Dance Master”---Vladimir Malakhov to choreograph new version ballet ,to cooperate with the famous Portuguese Choreographer---Rui Manuel Lopes Graca, choreographing a modern balletLNB has also created and performed dance dramas of Chinese styles, such as the Butterfly Lovers, Song of Mongolia, the Peacock Gall, Moonlight over the Erquan pond, modern ballet the Last Emperor in addition to special evening performances for neo-classic ballet pieces like Song of the four Seasons and World of Classics. Under the sincere care and cultivation of the older generation of artists, a galaxy of talents have come out in succession as the pool of artistic works grows over the years and LNB goes to maturity. Batches after batches of outstanding ballet dancers fostered over the years are now the most influential artistic figures performing in domestic and international ballet communicates.The Ballet Dancing School attached to Liaoning Ballet was set up in 1994. With close to 600 enrolled students, the School is currently the largest training base for professional ballet talents in both China and the world, sending a large number of ballet talents to Chinese and overseas ballet ensembles. Over 95% of the actors now with LNB are graduates of this School. Liaoning Ballet and its attached Ballerinas Dancing School have conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation with advanced countries in the world both in artistic creation and art education. Over the years, a large number of actors have been sent abroad for further training while dancing experts from Russia, France, the U.S., Italy, Germany, and England are invited to come and teach, rehearse and perform here on regular and long-term basis. LNB has visited several dozen countries and regions in the world. Participation in various domestic and international specialized dancing competitions each year has provided young actors with the opportunities to sharpen their skills and exhibit their talents, thus creating artistic prosperity, nurturing talents, and expanding markets all at the same time.Since its establishment, LNB has always focused on the social value of ballet art and has adopted an open, dialogue-oriented and harmonious attitude to meet all challenges in the process of its development.

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This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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