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The joy of the holiday season shines with the pastoral warmth of the Italian countryside.
For centuries, the sound of the zampogna, special bagpipes played by shepherds, has been a central part of Italian Christmas festivities. Now you’ll hear this fabulous folk instrument in this concert blending baroque Italian Christmas concertos with the heartfelt Christmas music of Southern Italy, performed by Toronto’s own Vesuvius Ensemble.
With Corelli rubbing shoulders with the traditional Novena di Natale, and a baroque orchestra sharing space with the zampogna, ciaramella, mandolins, and traditional guitars, Tafelmusik and Vesuvius present a colourful Christmas celebration straight from the heart of Southern Italy’s warm, boisterous countryside.
What’s interesting about this concert:
  1. A unique combination of baroque Christmas concertos, and the soulful folk music of Southern Italy, with its own rhythms, instruments, and spirit.
  2. Did you know: the sound of the zampogna was imitated by Handel in the Pifa section of Messiah, a nostalgic reminder of the many years the composer spent in Italy.
  3. Learn more about the pastoral genre, which depicts the shepherd’s life, and why composers, poets, and painters of the 1700s were so attracted to it.
Pre-concert Chat
Join us one hour before each concert for a free pre-concert chat with Tafelmusik lutenist Lucas Harris.
  • Traditional Novena di Natale
  • de’ Liguori Quanno nascette ninno
  • Pasquini Introduzzione & Pastorale
  • Manfredini Concerto grosso in C Major, op. 3, no. 12
  • Traditional Procida (Campania) La ‘nferta
  • Schiassi Sinfonia pastorale per il santissimo natale di nostro Jesu
  • Traditional (Sicily) La notti di Natali


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  • Tartini Pastorale from Sonata, op. 1, no. 13
  • Traditional (Puglia) Ninna nanna di Carpino
  • Scarlatti “Autor d’ogni mio ben” from Cantata pastorale per la nascita di nostro Signore
  • Tartini Pastorale from Sonata, op. 1, no. 13
  • Improvised Zampogna solo
  • dall’Abaco Allegro “La Zampogna” from Sonata VII
  • de Simone Canzone di Razzullo
  • Corelli Concerto fatto per la notte di Natale, op. 6, no. 8
  • Traditional (Sicily) Diu vi manna l’ambasciata

Date(s) - 04/12/2019
7:00 pm

Jeanne Lamon Hall

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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Vesuvius Ensemble, Tommaso Sollazzo

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