Barbara Strozzi: From Tears to Laughter – Online

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This programme is a tribute to the Venetian composer and singer Barbara Strozzi, one of the most important composers of Italian cantatas and baroque arias. Her sensitivity to text and experimentation with form and style offered nuance and a high level of emotional sensitivity to her music. In 1638, she read both sides of a debate written by Giovanni Francesco Loredano and Matteo Dandolo about whether tears or song is the more powerful weapon in love. Not surprisingly, the song won and Strozzi ended the debate by saying: “I do not question your decision, gentlemen, in favor of song, for well I know that I would not have received the honor of your presence at our last session had I invited you to see me cry and not to hear me sing.” This concert will explore Strozzi’s lighter side as well as presenting her famous lament “Lagrime mie”. A rich mix of plucked and string instruments from Iran, Turkey, and Italy (two theorbos, baroque guitar, kanun, setar, cello, gamba, viola d’amore, and violin) complements the vocal pieces and creates some lively instrumental dances.

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This concert is generously supported by Sharon E. Kahn and Johanna Shapira & John Geddes 


Online: Access to the online concert is free, and donations are greatly appreciated.

This concert will be available from March 16– 22 on our YouTube channel.


Anon, BL (XIVe siècle)
Dança amorose 

Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677)  
Sonetto prœmio dell’opera (Mercè di voi)

Ali Ufki (1610-1675)
Samai Frenci & Digar  

Barbara Strozzi
Lagrime mie  

Barbara Strozzi
Mi fa rider 

Kiya Tabassian

Barbara Strozzi
Le Tre Grazie 

Anon. BL (XIVe s.)
La Manfredina /La Rotta 

Barbara Strozzi
Amore è bandito

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (c.1580-1651)

Barbara Strozzi
Che si può fare

Anon. BL  (XIVe.s)

Date(s) - 16/03/2022 - 22/03/2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Price Range
Free (accepts donations)

Event Artists
Sizie Leblanc, Soprano; Andréanne Brisson- Paquin, Soprano; Ariadne Lih, Soprano; Lucas Harris, Theorbo Ensemble Constantinople; Kiya Tabassian, Setar & Shourangiz; Didem Basar; Kanun; Patrick Graham, Percussion, Tanya Laperriere, Baroque Violin & Viola D'amore

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