New Orders of Canada Appointments

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by Claudie Provencher
On December 26th, Governor General David Johnston announced new appointments for the Order of Canada. La Scena Musicale congratulates the winners in music and the arts.
Since its creation in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, more than 6,000 Canadians have been nominated. They all contributed in some way into building Canada.
The Order has three distinct categories. The Companion for the international achievement, the Officer for the national achievement, and finally the Member for the contribution in the regional or local level or in a special field of activity.
Here are the nominees in the fields of music and the arts:
James Douglas Fleck, C.C.
Toronto, Ontario
For his enduring contributions and strategic leadership as one of Canada’s leading arts patrons, and for endowing our national cultural institutions, notably by partnering business with the arts.  
This is a promotion within the Order.
Eleanor Wachtel, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
For connecting Canadian readers with the worldwide literary community and for her insightful contributions to our appreciation of contemporary literature.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Denis Brott, C.M.
Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
For his achievements as a cellist and pedagogue, and for his role in establishing the Canada Council of the Arts’ Musical Instrument Bank.
Brenda Clark, C.M.
Port Hope, Ontario
For her contributions as an illustrator, notably as the artist behind Franklin the Turtle, and for her support of literacy.
Conrad Charles Daellenbach, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
For popularizing classical music, notably as a founder of the Canadian Brass, one of our nation’s most internationally renowned classical music groups.
Louise Dupré, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
For her contributions to Quebec literature as a poet, novelist, playwright, essayist and professor.
Simon Durivage, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
For his contributions as a highly respected journalist-news anchor and television program host.
Charles Foran, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
For his acclaimed work as a literary journalist, biographer and novelist, and for his staunch support of Canadian writers.
Julia E. Foster, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
For her voluntary service in promoting the arts and Canadian culture.
Chantal Kreviazuk, C.M. and Raine Maida, C.M.
Los Angeles, California, United States of America and Toronto, Ontario
For their achievements as Canadian musicians and for their extensive charitable and humanitarian work.
John Barker Lawson, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
For his transformative contributions as a volunteer in support of many of Toronto’s most important music ensembles and arts organizations.
Suzie LeBlanc, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
For contributing to the development of early-period music and Acadian culture as a singer and teacher.
Grégoire Legendre, C.M.
Québec, Quebec
For contributing to the cultural and musical development of his city, notably as director of the Opéra de Québec.
Jens Lindemann, C.M.
Pacific Palisades, California, United States of America and Edmonton, Alberta
For his skill as a world-renowned trumpet soloist, and for his support of Canadian musicians and music students.
Michael I. M. MacMillan, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
For his tireless promotion of our cinematic talent and for his commitment to enhancing civic engagement in Canada.
John G. McAvity, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
For his contributions to preserving Canada’s cultural heritage, notably through his long-standing role as executive director of the Canadian Museums Association.
Dan Needles, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
For celebrating our rural communities as the playwright of the much-loved Wingfield Farm series, and for championing the dramatic arts outside of Canada’s major centres.
John R. Porter, C.M., C.Q.
Québec, Quebec
For his contributions to museology and to developing a greater understanding of Quebec art.
Lorraine Vaillancourt, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
For her contributions to modern music as a conductor, professor and pianist.
Eric Robert Walters, C.M.
Mississauga, Ontario
For his contributions as an author of literature for children and young adults whose stories help young readers grapple with complex social issues.

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