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Daniel Lepage, founder and general ­manager for Studios Opus, established one of many leading audio recording facilities in the Greater Montreal area, this one located in an enchanting ­countryside of the Lanaudière region. Les Studios Opus are located along Rivière L’Assomption; for the past six years, staff have worked with many impressive local and ­international artists. Given the studio’s ­versatile facilities and the beauty that attracts every musician, the ­studios have welcomed singer-songwriters such as Patrick Norman and Laurence Jalbert, classical orchestras, jazz ensembles, and rock groups.

The business started up in the early 2000s when Lepage was toying with the idea of ­building an establishment to meet the ­technical ­requirements of a recording studio and artists’ specific needs. In 2011, the project came to life after years of design that left ­nothing to chance. From the building’s ­interior design to the choice of construction material, the studio team worked closely with an engineer to ­develop a structure with the best acoustic properties.

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Les Studios Opus consists of two sound ­controls, a large recording studio, three recording booths, a meeting room, and a kitchen. In addition, the studios are decked with an impeccable interior design and work well with the rural setting. The magic happens behind this bucolic setting, however, for the studios are furnished with a set of high-quality audio equipment for each artist. Moon 3500MP preamplifiers, made by the French-Canadian company Simaudio, are among the audio kit and are the backbone of a mainly ­digital audio processing chain. These ­preamplifiers are known for their high ­transparency and ability to record audio with the highest loyalty standards.

That said, it is not enough to have the right tools; it is important to know how to use them. Hence, artists can rely on the expertise of ­technical director Jean-François Bernard and producer Jacques Roy. “We aim for perfection all the time,” Roy stated. Whether working on a standard or audio recording, undertaking new projects with the same thoroughness and ­passion is at the core of the Studios Opus ethic. In an industry where musicians often ­self-produce, Roy recognizes the importance of ­“taking time to carry out projects” and “going beyond the music” to provide artists with a memorable ­experience that fosters artistic ­development. The team consequently ­disregards shortcuts and pursues a custom-made approach that ­considers each artist’s ­specific needs. ­Overall, the amazing ­combination of know-how and friendly ­atmosphere ­remains the Studios Opus ­trademark—or the “Opus seal,” as Roy likes to say.


Translated by Dwain Richardson

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)


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